In 1999 Berrien introduced a chassis that declared war on high chassis prices. The 95" wheelbase 2-seater, dubbed the Warrior, comes only as a knockdown kit.  

Many have tried to copy the Warrior, but no one has ever matched its consistant quality and price. With all of the quality but less than 50% of the cost of a fully welded

95" wheelbase chassis, the Warrior is a very economical choice for anyone who has access to a professional welder.  Because we leave most of the assembly to be done after shipping,

it also has the most reasonable shipping costs.

**Note: The rear rollbar of this chassis mounts on the body mount pad on the stock VW shock towers.  It is not designed for use with our custom torsion with mid-travel style end plates.  If you'd like to use a custom torsion, please order our custom torsion with heavy-duty shock towers.  These have the body mount pads in proper location for the rollbar.

The Warrior features a roomy cockpit,  51 ¾” wide & 41” high.

Each Warrior comes with:

- Shift box w/shift tube hanger

- 8 front-end clamps

- Seat back brace

- Underbars with mounting nut welded in

- 3/4" bolts for underbars

- Saddles w/flanges for mounting underbars


Warrior - Knockdown Kit P/N C058-BB400

*price does not include taxes, packaging, and shipping.


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