Acme Car Company currently does not accept payment via our webstore.  We have made this decision for two main reasons:


  • Security - By calling our customers to get payment information via the phone or fax, it helps us cut down on fraud and security issues.  With all the recent cyber attacks and identiity thefts occuring with major retailers, we felt it best to have a manual payment system.


  • End Cost to Customer - Our products vary in dimension and sizes, and a lot of times we can shop around shipping cost to help save you money.  We also offer products that are unique in weight and/or dimenstions that make traditional shipping methods unavailable.

While we understand that today's shopping climate is one of "click and buy", we like to be a little old fashioned.  We prefer to talk to our customers to help keep them secure, give them a better shippoing cost, and to help with any product questions you may have.  While this may slow down your order process slightly, we feel that this is currently the best option for our clients.

Thank you for your understanding in this!

The Acme Car Co. Team.