Electronic Power Steering


     Berrien Buggy by Acme offers an electric power steering unit suitable for installation in your buggy. Based on a General Motors SUV power steering unit, it converts manual steering into full power steering without the hassle of pumps, lines and reservoirs. The unit comes complete with the necessary parts to install in your buggy. The mounting bracket welds to a 1 1/2" tube, the control ECU plate also welds to the tube. Electronics have been converted from Can-Buss to a standard electrical system. Feel can be adjusted with a gain knob.

The kit part number C986-BB1010 includes the following:

  • Steering unit
  • Steering mount bracket
  • 3/4" X 36 spline steering shaft coupler
  • 3/4" steering shaft with flange
  • 3/4" spherical rod end support
  • ECU mount
  • Controller box
  • Adjustment knob
  • Steering ECU
  • Output U-joint for 7/8" steering shaft
  • Plug and play wire harness
  • Installation instructions

     Installation is fairly straight forward; After location/orientation of the steering box is decided the main and ECU mounts are welded to the 1 1/2" cross tube, making sure the ECU plate is close enough to the steering box for the harness to reach. The output U joint is installed onto the steering unit and a 7/8" steering shaft is cut to length, then welded over the spud on the U-joint. The length of the steering input shaft is determined then the shaft is fed through the spherical rod and welded to the coupler. The wiring is installed per the instructions and the unit is ready to work.


Full Kit