Mid-Travel Front Conversion Beam
(Ball Joint to Link-Pin)


    Berrien Buggy by Acme now offers a front beam assembly that allows the installation of a link/king pin mid travel front suspension on a sand rail frame built for a ball joint front beam. This product allows you to install a sturdy link/king pin front end in your existing ball joint frame with NO WELDING!
     Anyone with any knowledge of the of VW style front beams knows that the main tube spacing is different between a link pin front beam and a ball joint beam. The ball joint beam has wider vertical spacing between the main tubes to accommodate the wider spread between the trailing arms, needed to work with the ball joints. Because of this spacing difference you cannot simply bolt the link pin beam in a ball joint frame.
     Also, because of the spacing difference, you cannot simply use link pin arms in a ball joint beam, especially on an off-road suspension with longer travel.  You end up with zero or negative caster. The top of the king pin leans forward.  In this condition the car is almost impossible to drive as it darts from side to side and is extremely dangerous.
     The solution to the problem is to change the ratio between the upper and lower trailing arms. This ratio change causes the king pin to lean back and restore proper caster. While at rest the caster in our conversion beam is 3 to 4 degrees, as the suspension compresses caster increases causing the steering to become extremely stable. The added benefit of this increasing caster is easier
steering under normal driving conditions.
     After several prototypes were built we finally developed the current front beam assembly. Wheel travel is approximately 12” to 14”. We have tested the front end extensively in extreme off-road conditions, including large rock climbs, with no failures. We are now ready to offer our NO WELD solution for sale.
     If you currently have a chassis built for a ball joint front end and want to
increase your wheel travel, and the strength of your rail, we have the solution.
The conversion beam is available in +6” or +8” longer than stock widths to
accommodate the large shock/coil spring units. It is available in the following
1. Beam with 1X2 forged trailing arms:
  • +6” (C058-BB4512C)
  • +8” (C058-BB4513C)
2. Beam complete spindle to spindle:
  • 1X2 trailing arms,
  • Urethane bushings 
  • Thru rods & clamps
  • Standard spindles
  • Tie rods.
  • +6” (C058-BB4506C)
  • +8” (C058-bb4507C)
  • KING shock/spring units (C986-KSPR2008-COHRS)**
** These shock/spring units are rated for a VW powered car with a  wheelbase of 95” to 105”. 
     Any other chassis configurations or engine combination would require units with different spring rates and different shock valving. A total car weight and corner weights would be necessary to determine the correct spring rate and shock valving.
Please also be aware that the beam is not sold separately. It is only available with our forged trailing arms.



+6" Beam +8" Beam King Shocks Full Kit
+6" Beam  +8" Beam Shocks and Spring Units Full Kiit.


C058-BB4513C C986-KSPR2008-COHRS TBD