Mid-Travel Front Beam


     Berrien Buggy by Acme introduces a true “bolt in” solution to convert a sandrail built with a stock VW torsion type front suspension. It is designed to bolt into any frame designed to use the link/king pin front beam. There is no welding required to install this assembly which uses traditional coil over, shock/spring units for suspension. This front suspension works well with either stock style rear suspension or with our Mid Travel rear suspension conversion package.
     The basic beam is manufactured using chrome moly main tubes and CNC plasma cut shock mounts. The unit is fully jig welded and comes standard with bracing as pictured. The beam is available as +6” or +8” over stock width. The extra width is necessary to accommodate the larger diameter of the shock/spring units. The beam is also designed to use as a minimum 1”X 2” forged trailing arms for link/king pin spindles. A stock VW steering box may be used or R&P mounts can be installed.
The beam is available in one of 2 levels of completion, in either width.

1. Beam only; fully welded but with no hardware.

  • C058-BB4510 (+6”)
  • C058-BB4511 (+8")

2. Spindle to spindle; supplied with: 

  • 1x2 trailing arms, urethane bushings,
  • thru rods& clamps, standard spindles, & tie rods.
  • C058-BB4508 (+6”) C058-BB4509 (+8”)
* To include the correct shock/spring units, add (2) C986-KSPR2008-COHRS
NOTE* The shock/spring units are rated for a VW powered car with a wheelbase of 95” to 105”. Any other chassis configuration or engine combination would require units with different spring rates and different shock valving. A total car weight and corner weights would be necessary to determine correct spring rate and shock valving.



+6" Beam +8" Beam King Shocks Full Kit
+6" Beam  +8" Beam Shocks and Spring Units Complete Kit


C058-BB4511 C986-KSPR2008-COHRS TBD