Mid-Travel Rear


     Berrien Buggy's rear mid travel conversion kit.  This kit is designed to convert standard IRS Volkswagen rear suspension to a true off road rear suspension system.  This kit provides 14" of rear wheel travel.  A minimum
of changes are needed to install this unit in an existing Berrien Buggy frame equipped with a stock VW rear suspension.  Welding is required to install the upper shock mount on the frame.  Upper shock mounts vary and are
frame specific.
     The kit consists of 3 sub components, they are; the "dual pivot conversion", 2X3 trailing arms, and the upper shock mount kit.  Shock/spring units are not included and should be purchased separately. 2" X 12" coil over shock units with remote reservoir are required, our part number is C986-KSPR2012-COHRS, for VW powered cars.  Berrien frames with other engine or transmission combinations may require a different spring rate and/or
shock valving.
The three components of the kit are:
C058-BB4501: Dual pivot conversion with rod ends.  These units have an inner "stabilizer lug" which rides in a urethane knobby grommet located inside the torsion housing.  This design stabilizes the unit and provides a
solid mount for the 3/4" spherical rod end of the connector link.  The inner and outer plates place the mounting of the rod end/link in double shear for strength and stability.  The swedged chrome moly connector link is black anodized and has 3/4" X 3/4" steel spherical rod ends.  This link mounts to the trailing arm in double shear.  By having a spherical rod end at each end of the connector link, the link is able to rotate as the swing arm moves
through it's arc of travel, eliminating any bind.
C986-AO504: A 2" X 3" chrome moly trailing arms.  These super duty trailing arms are constructed with 1 1/4" chrome moly tubing, then plated and gusseted to a third 1 1/4" square central tube.  The shock mounts are
welded to the bearing carrier mount at the extreme outside end of the arm and again provide double shear mounting.  The bearing carriers are steel and use standard Type 1 VW components.  Mounting tabs for the connector link are welded to the front tube and provide double shear mounting.
C058-BB4502: Upper shock mount kit.  The upper mounts which must be welded into the frame, consist of the thru mounting tubes, the re-enforcement gussets, mounting bolts, nuts, and washers.  Depending on Berrien Buggy chassis, mounting plates are also provided.  Non Berrien frames can also use this conversion kit by using a universal version of the upper shock mount.
       Installation of the kit is generally straight forward.  First the original VW torsion bars, spring plates, grommets, and pivot arms are removed from the torsion housing. The cast shock towers are cut off the torsion housing, and the cut area is ground smooth.  Next the dual pivot conversion is bolted into the modified stock housing using the urethane knobby grommet.  The stub axles, bearings and seals are installed in the bearing housing of the trailing arms.  With new urethane pivot bushings installed in the pivot end of the arms, the arms are bolted into the
existing stock pivot boxes (for extreme use we suggest gusseting the pivot boxes).  The location of the upper shock mount is then determined (measurements included in the kit), and the mount is then fitted to the
chassis and final welded. The installation of 20" limit straps is highly recommended.
     This kit offers you the ability to radically upgrade the rear suspension of your VW based buggy WITHOUT the need to build a completely new car or radically modify your existing frame.  This kit is a reasonably priced upgrade that produces truly amazing results.



Full Kit Pivot Conversion Trailing Arms Shock Mount Kit
Complete Conversion Kit  Dual pivot conversion with rod ends. 2" X 3" chrome moly trailing arms Upper shock mount kit.


C058-BB4501 C986-AO504 C058-BB4502